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FLOA Meetings will reconvene in March 2015

Dear Forest Lakes Property Owners and Residents,

It’s time for the FLOA 2015 Membership Drive.  We all make up our Forest Lakes community and if you are not already a FLOA member, please join us this year!  Membership has been opened to everyone who calls Forest Lakes their home! Read the recent changes in the By-laws: ”The Corporation shall have one class of members. The designation of such class and the qualifications and rights of the members of such class shall be as follows:

Membership in this corporation shall be:

a. those individuals owning or purchasing under contract one or more lots within the boundaries of Forest Lakes Estates, subdivisions recorded in the office of the County Recorder of Coconino County, Arizona;

b. those individuals who are long-term renters of property within the boundaries of Forest Lakes;

c. those individuals who are seasonal residents of Recreational Vehicle Parks within the boundaries of Forest Lakes and including the Rim Resort and RV Park.”

Even though membership is voluntary, we invited EVERYONE to join FLOA.  (See our Mission at the bottom of this email)

Please use the attached form to renew your dues or join FLOA for the first time.  In the past, members have received a personalized renewal form in the postal mail, but because of increasing printing and postage costs, we ask you to fill out the attached form to pay your dues.  Dues are just $30 for the calendar year. (Please note the small increase from past years.)  Send to Forest Lakes Owners Association, P.O. Box 5277, Glendale, AZ 85312.

RECENTLY ANNOUNCED….After 20 or more years of fundraising, saving, visualizing, brainstorming, exploring possibilities to have a community center, FLOA has purchased a piece of property with 2 useable buildings to make it a reality!  It is located at 1111 Merzville Road (Lot 231).    EVERYONE in the community will benefit from having a Community Center!  Just think of all the events and fun that will take place there.

Your donation of a few extra dollars would really help to get our new Community Center ready for use by summer.  FLOA paid cash for the property and is committed to having no debt, but the check book balance is rather low!   When you drive by, you will notice that there is lots of work to spruce it up.  Again, THANK YOU for your generous financial support.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, hopeful new year.  THANK YOU for supporting FLOA, which benefits the entire Forest Lakes Community.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at floanews@cox.net.

Judy Nelson, President

Mission of Forest Lakes Owners Association

FLOA is a non-profit corporation for charitable, educational, scientific, and community welfare purposes.

The mission of FLOA is:

· To inform and represent the membership in regards to community and county decisions that affect Forest Lakes.

· To lend support to other Forest Lakes organizations, such as school district, fire district,  water district, library.

· To interface with other organizations affecting Forest Lakes, such as Black Mesa Ranger District.

· To coordinate and sponsor special events that include community participation, including:
***Semi-annual Road Clean-ups on Route 260 through Forest Lakes
***Fundraisers, such as Memorial Day & Labor Day Pancake Breakfasts

***Special events such as 4th of July

You can make any personal information changes
or additions right here!

Click here on floanews@cox.net
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“Forest Lakes Happenings”

….is an Email bulletin that will be sent to you when there are happenings in and around Forest Lakes that you want to know about right away, as well as information and reminders of events.  Get on the “Happenings” list by sending your email address to FLOAnews@cox.net

You don’t need to be a member of FLOA to receive this.



Updated Saturday January 24 2015



FLOA 2015 Membership Application
is Available Online!

(PDF 289 Kb)

Green Waste Site Closed

The Green Waste Site is closed for the season.  It will re-open in April, 2015.

FLOA Winter
2015 Newsletter

Addressing Map
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For burning on your property:

  • Complete an application at the Fire Department
  • Have the area inspected
  • Call 535-4644 prior to each day's burning.

NOTE: You MUST speak to a person, not a recording!

Are you available to work part-time and help the community?

Dispatchers are needed
to assist FLFD
Work from home!

Call 535-4644 to get started!


ATV Rules and Regulations:

OHV Rules

Maybe nobody told you, or maybe you just didn't know,
but the fines related to ATV's are really worth paying attention to.

Informational list of potential ATV fines (PDF 193 Kb)

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