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Labor Day Pancake Breakfast

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“Forest Lakes Happenings”

….is an Email bulletin that will be sent to you when there are happenings in and around Forest Lakes that you want to know about right away, as well as information and reminders of events.  Get on the “Happenings” list by sending your email address to FLOAnews@cox.net

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Updated Tuesday August 19 2014



FLOA Summer 2014 Newsletter

Green Waste Site Hours
Saturdays and Sundays ONLY
from 9 AM to 2 PM
(now closed Fridays)

Note:  GWS is required
by the forest service to close when
a Red Flag Warning is in effect.

FLOA Membership Application
is Available Online!

(PDF 283 Kb)

Addressing Map
is Available

(Hi-Res PDF 2.0 Mb)
Zoom-In for more detail

For burning on your property:

  • Complete an application at the Fire Department
  • Have the area inspected
  • Call 535-4644 prior to each day's burning.

NOTE: You MUST speak to a person, not a recording!

Are you available to work part-time and help the community?

Dispatchers are needed
to assist FLFD
Work from home!

Call 535-4644 to get started!


ATV Rules and Regulations:


Maybe nobody told you, or maybe you just didn't know,
but the fines related to ATV's are really worth paying attention to.

Informational list of potential ATV fines (PDF 193 Kb)

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