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Winter Preparedness

It is very important that Forest Lakes residents prepare for prolonged and/or significant snow storms, which may impact your ability to leave or return to your home.  The following are a few winter preparedness tips to keep in mind:

For your home, always have on hand:

  1. Three days of non-perishable food and water (one gallon per day per family member)
  2. First aid kit and extra supply of medication
  3. Personal hygiene supplies, extra clothing, footwear, gloves, blankets, sleeping bags
  4. Extra food for pets and livestock
  5. Flashlight, extra batteries, candles and a battery operated radio
  6. Alternate heat source (kerosene, wood, etc.)
  7. Full propane tank (if applicable)
  8. Extra set of car keys, cash, credit cards
  9. Snow shovels and a snow breaker for driveway windrows
  10. An emergency plan for the entire family
  11. Contact information for a private snow removal company in your area. This is especially important for residents living on cul-de-sacs where separate snow removal and clean-up operations might create additional windrows along driveways.

For your vehicle, follow these preparedness tips:

  1. Winterize your vehicle (antifreeze, wipers, battery, snow tires)
  2. Carry an emergency kit consisting of tire chains or cables, blankets, tow strap, jumper cables, flashlight, water, first aid kit, ice scraper, extra clothing, and appropriate tools
  3. Keep the gas tank at least half full
  4. When traveling, let someone know your intended route and expected time of arrival
  5. Allow extra time for travel
  6. Extra blanket and food.

As you well know, snow storms can create inherently hazardous driving conditions regardless of snow removal operations. Having four-wheel-drive or tire chains are helpful tools for motorists, but when the weather is bad and visibility poor, we encourage everyone to drive only when necessary and then to drive for the conditions of a given storm.

Also as a reminder, Coconino County Ordinance 86-6 prohibits parking on county roadways beginning on Nov. 1. If snowfall is imminent before then, then please help our plow operators by avoiding parking on County roadways and pull in your rolling trash containers as soon as possible after collection.



Emergency Communications Information for Forest Lakes Residents and Guests
August 2015

Forest Lakes Fire District, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, the Coconino County Office of Emergency Management and the Amateur Radio Emergency Services have jointly developed a documented protocol that is now in place to ensure emergency service communications under all circumstances.

Forest Lakes residents need to know what to do in case of emergency when normal telephone, internet, and cell phone communications are not available.

  • Turn on your scanner radio, tune it to the Forest Lakes Fire channel (155.760 MHz) and listen for instructions.  You will also be able to hear the fire and medical operational calls.
  • If you have an emergency or require outside communications, go to the fire station for assistance.
  • If your situation is not an immediate emergency, consider driving toward Payson for medical services or to get within range of a working cell tower.
  • Additional emergency preparedness information is available through a number of sources, including FEMA at http://www.ready.gov

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Updated Thursday January 07 2016


The Fire District monthly board meetings change to the second Saturday for the
months of November through February. They are always open to the public.
Next meeting will be Saturday, November 14th at 9 AM at the Fire Station.

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Due to snow & access limitations, the site is closed until spring!

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For burning on your property:

  • Complete an application at the Fire Department
  • Have the area inspected
  • Call 535-4644 prior to each day's burning.

NOTE: You MUST speak to a person, not a recording!


ATV Rules and Regulations:

OHV Rules

Maybe nobody told you, or maybe you just didn't know,
but the fines related to ATV's are really worth paying attention to.

Informational list of potential ATV fines (PDF 193 Kb)



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