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About FLOA

The Forest Lakes Owners Association (FLOA) was founded in 1964 andis a non-profit corporation for charitable, educational, scientific, and community welfare purposes.

2016 — 2017 FLOA Board of Directors:

President: Judy Nelson
602-739-4369 928-535-4290
Vice President: Ted Cary
Secretary: Shari Massion
Treasurer: Wayne Rothwell
Members at large: Frank Astemborski    
  Mack Hume    
  Judy Summers    
  Larry Prather    
  Rosanne Smith    
  Judy Summers    

Back row: Frank Astemborski, Mack Hume, Wayne Rothwell, Ted Cary and Larry Prather (inset)

Front row: Judy Summers, Rosanne Smith, Judy Nelson and Shari Massion



Mission of Forest Lakes Owners Association

  • To inform and represent the membership in regards to community and county decisions that affect Forest Lakes.
  • To lend support to other Forest Lakes organizations, such as school district, fire district, water district, library.
  • To interface with other organizations surrounding Forest Lakes.
  • To coordinate and sponsor special events that include community participation

. Over the years FLOA has accomplished a number of improvements to benefit the community.

  • In 1967, they secured electricity for the area from Arizona Public Service
  • In 1972, they formed the Forest Lakes Domestic Water Improvement District (FLDWID)
  • In 1976, they formed the Forest Lakes Fire District (FLFD)
  • In 2007, they were granted a Special Use Permit from the Black Mesa Ranger District to operate a Green Waste Site on national forest property
  • In 2014, they purchased a piece of property to form a Community Center

Membership in FLOA is not required, but highly encourages all residents to be a member.  Annual dues are $30 per year, allowing FLOA to continue to serve and improve the Forest Lakes community.

Board and Member Meetings are held the 3rd Saturday from April through September

Meeting time is 2 PM at the Forest Lakes Community Center House, 1111 Merzville Road

The Annual meeting is held in September and is combined with the regular meeting

Mailing address:  P.O. box 1513, Forest Lakes, AZ 85931




Updated Friday October 07 2016


You are welcome to join us at the next FLOA meeting!

We meet at 2:00 pm
the 3rd Saturday
April through September



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